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Sample and Share


Just a couple more steps, and you could become a sample and share host!

About the sampling

In the sample kit

    How a Sample and Share Works

    Apply for the sampling

    Get your sampling kit in the mail

    Share the samples

    Report back and win prizes

    Register for Crowdtap and fill out the short sampling application to be eligible for this opportunity.

    Your sampling kit, which will be filled with product samples and other goodies, will arrive a few weeks after you're accepted as a sampler.

    Open the kit, and distribute the goods. After you and your friends have had a chance to try out the samples, you'll fill out surveys and submit photos to provide feedback.

    After the surveys have been filled out and submitted, you will receive a cash reward for hosting the party. You'll also be awarded Crowdtap points, which qualify you for new opportunities down the road.